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TIEFEN GRENZDehumidification And Aerobically Purification System

Whole house stable humidity

Accurately control the humidity between 40% to 60% to avoid moisture.

Whole house stable cleanness

Three layers of filter will create a clean and healthy air environment.
Worry | safety
Intelligent | saving

Whole house stable oxygen content level

Automatically adjust the indoor CO2 content level to keep your breath smooth.
Purification of | Shuxin

Whole house stable noise

Dedicated design keeps the noise below 40db.

dedicated dehumidification solution

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Technology Center


  • Baijia peninsula vil..

    Address:Shantou city,Guangdong,China
    Residential Area:Bajia Peninsula Villa
    Area:more than 2000 square metres
    Machine installed:14 set
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    Baijia peninsula vil..
  • Tianlu huaqiao city

    Address: Shenzhen, guangdong province, China
    Residential Area : East Overseas Chinese Town Villa
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    Tianlu huaqiao city
  • Hehuanglong bay

    Address: Qingpu District, Shanghai City, China
    Residential Area : Hehuang Long Bay Villa
    Basement Area: 1..
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    Hehuanglong bay
  • Haipoxuhui villa

    Address: Xuhui District, Shanghai City, China
    Residential Area : Greenland Sea Pooper Apartment
    Area:260 ..
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    Haipoxuhui villa
  • Wake xinlicheng vill..

    Address: Pudong new area, Shanghai City, China
    Residential Area : Vanke New Mileages Apartment
    Area:150 s..
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    Wake xinlicheng vill..
  • New town shuiyunjian..

    Address:Songjiang District,Shanghai City,China
    Residential Area:New Town Shuiyunjian Villa
    Area:150 square metres
    Machine installed:1 set
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    New town shuiyunjian..
  • Ronghui peninsula vi..

    Address: Chongqing, China
    Residential Area : Ronghui Katiana Villa
    Area:100 square metres
    Machine ..
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    Ronghui peninsula vi..
  • Dongyuanhushanyue vi..

    Address: Chongqing, China
    Residential Area :Dongyuan Hushanyue Villa
    Area:112 square metres
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    Dongyuanhushanyue vi..
  • Tengda panlong bay

    Address: Wuhan, Hubei province, China
    Residential Area : Hengda Panlongwan Laurel Garden Villa
    Area:95 sq..
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    Tengda panlong bay
  • Huiyudonglanan villa..

    Address: Wuhan, Hubei province, China
    Residential Area :Fuxing Huiyu East Coast Villa
    Area:110 square met..
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    Huiyudonglanan villa..

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SASHUANG intelligent technology Co. Ltd. unremittingly explores the road of balance with human, nature, life and health. It is an intelligent technology company and cares about indoor healthy environment and orients to building a healthy living space for the public.
The R&D team consist of 20-years-experience technicists and takes the leading indoor healthy living environment as its development direction.
The company has developed a "TIEFEN GRENZ” air dehumidify ...

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